Melancholia I by Albrecht Dürer Brave acts make a difference, love heals, compassion annihilates suffering, sincerity leads to all hearts, and benevolence crosses all borders. (Tilted Rotten Sky, Rayka Rush) Freedom is the highest human expression of existence. It is a profound sense of autonomy, a feeling that we are the masters of our future paths. In the Western culture, art is the highest expression of inner freedom. It is a similar experience as breaking the ego shell in Buddhism, or getting in touch with the world of spirits relevant for Shamanism. Freedom is not what is outside of us, but within, and it is the finest expression of life that manifests who we are. Any mastery, knowledge, true activism, sincere endeavors, compassion constitute the art of being human. Let's create new freedom realities! This blog is an addition to the new growing mind awareness: expressing ourselves through arts, essays, prose, or discussing topics with an attempt to bring some interdisciplinary and alternative approaches to expand the knowledge and our consciousness. This includes the “new science” that moved from the traditional mechanistic picture of the world to the interdependent world of energies. Welcome to the Pathless Streams of Freedom Presence blog, read and comment poetry, essays, and follow our inspiring sources offered with this interactive blog.

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Cvijeta Zuzoric, Flora Zuzzori

The Last Page by Dark Lady

Canst thou pen ever rest? Please, leave dire glooms To be only mine, not thy book of tragic Plays full of sighs filling hearts of empty rooms Where the end page recites in dark ink magic My last night thoughts followed by unrest chaos Of dreams. Love how far is thee; how close our minds?…


Uluru Pine Gap Haiku

Sacred and toxic dark venomous poison spit spilled over a ‘mate’; Spread my wings to roost With flies fly over a pine gap drifted too far. Pine Gap, Australia, Basics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_Gap   http://youtu.be/fHS5WrgW3uI


September Safari

Find me in azure waters East of Eden In foreign lands so far and remote So you can stand star-naked in feathering breeze washed on night sandy shores fooled with reason that you are alone. Don’t hesitate, light the last cigar, puff off all thoughts and skip sleep one more night so you can see…

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Vision 1: Vessel of Light

“O gravis labor, et o durum pondus quod habeo in vesto huius vite, quia nimis grave michi est contra carnem pugnare.” Incipit Ordo Virtutum, Hildegard fon Bingen Body is the vessel of light Ready to thorn apart The heart caved in darkness that halts A sigh; the soul lost in too many parts. Once miniscule…