“Love is Metaphysical gravity.” Bukminster Fuller

Pyramid Louvre glass pyramid at sunset

No one yet knows thy matrix differential code name
Except glass beads verses hidden between the tetrahedral rhyme game;
tempt me and write invisible lines on the mirrored Monadology wave
I’ll stream tangent lines into curved love-poems crave.

Listen stretched tension between the infinity calculus pointing bits
where zeros and ones refract all our thoughts
summoned in the asylum symmetry glass pyramid hymn
and its ghostly lake octahedron reflection sacred brim.

Gravity holds us; for love is the only future, present, and past–
The top monad recoiled through the spine of all times–
uniting our departing forking paths
and life’s halls of wrecked images shards.


Glass Pyramid--Everything mirrors“Monads have no window, through which anything could come in or go out. Neither substance nor accident can come into a Monad from outside. (…….) These monads are not material or extended, nor do they originate or decay in the natural fashion, for they can begin only by a creative act of God, and they can end only by annihilation.” Leibniz, “The Monadology”

“Leibnitz’s philosophy therefore appears like a string of arbitrary assertions, which follow one on another like a metaphysical romance; …. Leibnitz’s philosophy is an idealism of the intellectuality of the universe….. G. W. F. Hegel, “Lectures on the History of Philosophy”


Oktogon, Zagreb, 1902Oktogon, Zagreb (Last night I dreamed about the Oktogon. As all dreams, it is complex to explain all details–for some reason I would not step into the Oktogon and walk through this magic passage from the Flower Square to the busy part of the Ilica street. This probably means something, but I am sure I dreamed Oktogon in connection to the octagonal (octahedron) structures in reference to this poem. The architecture is very much Laibnizian).












New Leibnizism: The Fractal Nature of the Universe

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