Jane fond doll's house 6a0120a721c2d7970b0120a87f1e5c970b-800wiNo one holds harmony strings any longer;
See the fireworks rewritten message over the starry sky
umping a fizz in a Orangina bottle of my soul that you drink…
Why are you not here to see a starring vegetarian light
dripping all nectar of a lovely affair?
Don’t let the spine of love to cripple and collapse
with tears pouring over a burden cup.
The cricket night walks away in rhythm drips
Jane Fonda hqdefaultwhile he walks never ending miles over hot coals
and doesn’t see her burning bold….
He keeps calling
but there is a jammed pulp mash
followed by the detached empty space
all persisting one besides the other at the same time;
it’s a lovely late summer night
with a musical South
falling into an overcast cold North arms.


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