CocoHey, in a flash of memory; just remembered
when I saw you in that 90s Coco Chanel fashion style
extravagant Italian designer’s dress-suit;
Taking Old Town promenade’s breath away
With stamina of a poet’s dream
Recorded in a forever living refrain
Of the French known chansonnier,
Your ultimate, well deserved, graduation gift–
cost a fortune tipping over
mother’s savings account in Deutsch Marks!–
but it was worth every seam finishing life stitch!
Do your remember
How this suit bowed every cozy street gaze
Into a distant man’s pose
and passing women’s silent sighs?

I was so bowled over, jealously stumbled
Feverously exalted,
And just when I dreamed to have one day the outfit like this,
You generously offered to loan this suit to me
When attending  the upcoming Avant-garde art vanity spree.
images (1)Do you still remember my friend
Neo-Coco Chanel notched trend?
Everything got so far exciting
and finally dangerously romantic;
Breakthrough cherry tangy
Curved over hips just right
with loose Cashmere volans over long legs
expressed in contrast colors
and intense sweet-sour taste;
we looked so distant and old fashion
like a lost night-movie-fright
that sleep-talks over lover’s unconscious dream;
not knowing how is yet to step in the puddle of mud
and bit lip bitterly to stop the tear
before pouring rain washes away one more dare…
We resembled to some million dollar baroque European brooch
that drenched for a long time without a true value,

put aside, even thrown away
got lost and suddenly appeared on a new Antique Road Show,
somewhere, overseas,

220px-Chanel_jersey_casual_wear_1917,_which always stood at the insignificant intersection
on the brink of an unknown town

as the only local attraction.
Youth is always ageless
in ample of cracking flash memories
mellowing face into a sweet smile,
Caressing more and more gray hairs
while tapping into the past
and touching diving heart with vivid presence
where, again, we find the friendship blossom essence.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” Coco Chanel

M. Pike New Coco Chanel Portrait


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