tea-clipper-sea-witchO Captain! My Captain!

When the high entropy winds fold the old vessel’s canvas
and a compass spins helpless
under the invisible magnetic dust cloud storm
and you can’t hear far bells any more or reach the port clad in a foggy haze
stay surrendered to the arms of horizonless sea you sail
I’ll let you beat miles of my distance with tacks, jibs, and a bow every day.
The sultry heat of a forgotten desire
always comes with the unpredictable forecast
–you know I can’t be calm–
bonanza paints only a mirrored reflection of a horror mask;
for the fatherless sky,
disowned me and left me afar with high seas,
jammed with tide thoughts to stern your ship
icynews_displayin airfoils
and windsurf over third crushing waves
fugue foam riding on a despair’s dissonance
in zig-zag lines of a vignette that writes itself
to the end of the last
unwritten page where we begin
rhyming a new poem all over again…

(March 20, 2014)


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