(the biggest moon May 5, 2012)

mismatched places and times,
–the very soul-mates–
tripped over the slippery rock of love,
deluged with sighs splashed off the shores
and drenched in a slow motion breathe tide
then, pulled back to endless waters where spilled moon
sings with a discord indigo flicker
refracting waves glimmer.
The split particle beam illusion rises on the midnight horizon,
while we dance
to the same musical light tuning into the sleeping theta rhymes
waived to the harmony of listening minds
while coupling the far-lost-lands for us…….
Rehearsal binaural drumming night spins–
circling the discussion notes to the perigee point
with full concepts, round ideas, direct questions,
and strict arguments–all in line,
the act is proper; no one to objects,
but truth shines
like the fullest bursting bubble on the night sky
which orbit fires the synchronized dreams
with reminiscence of black n’ white lover’s films
with the kiss over the omniscient eyes
sweltering in murmuring hands and distant matching palms

Super moon rise over Warfield Church, Warfield, Bracknell, Berkshire, UK

About the Supermoon:

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