Autumn sunlight falls quietly before the forest cabin
Sam, the big, yellow rooster, “Cock-a-dos”—no
“doodles” in this guy–from behind a duck quack chorus
Rocko–the greatest patience guru–rolls out “Baaaas”

Deer have knocked off sweet alfalfa bails from the family picnic table
Pin oak acorns plop from above, planting next year
Sunflowers, on spindly stems, bow heavy heads in cool wind
Dew wets the old man’s dry, brittle feet
Pine needles whisker the soft air
Only live sounds touch the living ear

A new seasonal bird calls a sound of a worn cycle brake pad
Pheasants’ rusty screen-door spring call from afar
Not to be raked leaves skitter/scratch across the uncut landscape
Another acorn plop drops to earth

Suddenly, the seven pound toy poodle—thinking it’s a dog–flips off a jolting volley of sharp yaps
The neutered black goat “Baaaaaas” in startled fear and runs
The ducks quick bitch a rear attack at the chicken flock–the straggler yoyo snaps back to flock
The snowflake bantams flutter scatter away

This small world chase spins around me in animal cacophony
Ring round and round and round they go
“What?” I stop them
They stare for an instant and return, with bowed heads, to food hunt
A sandhill crane arrows, thin and black, through the sky,
crisscrossing far below a jet slow contrail

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