This is a hand poem sprinkled with O.C.D..

Bacteria Cafeteria

Strait off the super expressway
just to the right of the left byway
one can find the pathogen highway,
all germs eat for free.

A cornucopia of last year’s tapioca
saturated fat drowned in Coca-Cola
try the new foot cream mocha,
all germs eat for free.

Petrified Christmas jelly
a perfect remedy for an empty belly
my toe jam always comes smelly,
all germs eat for free.

Sugar cookie crumb macaroni
rotten cheese curdled stromboli
I highly suggust my moldy baloney,
all germs eat for free.

Jason M Retikis
09/11/11, published draft on 04/0612


This poem is originally created with the visual structure (graphic value), at this point the graphic representation is not achaived, but we hope to solve this problem soon.

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