wise-old-man-andrew-juddThe Key to Human Achievement

“A sage once told me that life is nothing but a feather in the wind. The wind takes us where ever it wants to go and our conscience is not strong enough, or even aware that we have the capability to diverge from where the wind pushes us.”

People are given the ability to freely express their spirit in order to portray and preserve their inner essence – their individual voice, thoughts, and emotions. We, as human beings, best express this individuality through art, and art, like branches on a tree, takes many shapes and lengths, goes many directions, but all connect to one source. Every aspect of our inner fire can be distinctly painted on a canvas, rigorously bowed on the strings of a violin, veraciously written on parchment, portrayed on stage, and on and on. Understanding the life, passion, and discipline of an artist, and the nexus between all of the arts, is understanding that expression is necessary for the human spirit to triumph; to be set free, to fly, to soar, to overcome, to shine, to radiate. Expressing oneself, through art, is the highest form of human achievement.
Passion is the primary emotion every artist must have, regardless of his or her unique craft, in order to carry out their personal form of expression. Passion–the drive and fire for achievement–is needed to keep the artist motivated. It serves as the catalyst for action, the fuel of desire, and provides energy for achievement. It is the unbridled emotion begging for direction, and without passion, there is no art. However, passion only provides the spark, the raw energy to express. Only when passion is directed with consistent precision does it truly become useful. As ‘un-artistic’ as discipline may seem, it is essential to attain mastery in any art. Disciplined passion gives the world Pavarotti singing Puccini, Lawrence Olivier reciting Shakespeare. Conversely, undisciplined passion gives the world….war. Discipline–the not so negative term–puts the artist’s mind in a forward direction and makes the consciousness impenetrable to anything he knows isn’t true to his souls purpose. As long as the artist has and can regenerate these two human aspects, the spirit can be set free.
Van Gogh said, “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting,” and Rodin said, “True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.” As evidenced and contrasted in the lives of these immortal giants, the life of an artist may not always be easy, but can be the most fulfilling of all human endeavors. Every day the artist must be involved or carry with them their spirits voice in order to preserve their artistic integrity. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Distractions, especially in today’s world, abound, can easily sway, disrupt, undermine, and even crush the most well-intentioned being. How easy it is to be distracted by what appears on the surface to be so full of pleasure! The true pleasure, however, and the real treasure, lay in the artistic pursuit itself. Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” When the artist can overcome such obstacles, and is allowed to work in an environment, conducive to the progression of his craft, he can, with relentless determination and enthusiasm, continue to unlock the infinite mysteries of art itself.
All elucidations of art possess the same energy and carry out the same purpose. No specific art is superior so long as the spirit is expressed to its full potential–”A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” All of the arts are indefinitely connected in this sublime circuitry, that each art can help another art. It doesn’t matter which medium is chosen. Indeed, they all lead to the highest human achievement so long as passion and discipline are balanced in perfect alchemy, like two beating hearts as one.

My hand in your hand…your eyes in my eyes…Our hearts, beating one with a rhythm, un-definable by the laws of this natural world. Our souls, one with our destinies, the very thing that keeps us tied.

A bond so strong that you feel what I feel… I see what you see…Our knowledge will never be fruitless, forever rooted in a timeless soil. Our perspectives, completing the puzzle of infinity.

Our love, forever in our hands…controlled by the rhythm of our hearts…un-definable and unbounded…deep within our souls…tied by our destinies…mutually feeling…forever seeing…always bearing…one love to one perspective…one truth that is love.


copyright 2013 Britny Doane, poet


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