In the style of Li-young Lee

Sad, the mother who can’t lose her watch piece
And can’t give it away, blinks

Her five year old son waits
And waits, what time is it?
The mother blinks and blinks, white blinks.

The world full of time and watches,
But the boy can recall none,
Not one; in time he will most definitely give up
He will most certainly give up on his mother.

Already aware of his time, he knows
The outcome, what time is it?
Blink for me one more time! I beg you.
Can he not realize, I am no God, and therefore know no time.

But we are here now
It is a question of logistics rather than emotive
Heavenly stopwatched, or just an earthly tick
Centered, the boy aware of Mother’s
Relentless absence of time.

Copyright, Christopher Leet 2011

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