Loveme, love me notdownloadBurn the rope after I cross over dizzy-daisy “love-me, love-me-not” abyss
Of the mortal rainbow wild-flowers waterfall
And unlock the secret garden
Flying on a wedding bouquet to the other side
Where you bloom in a cherry rose fragrant
Piercing the jasmine octave sprinkled with the spirit wind pollinated sky; 547411_10151530425622051_1289574804_n
Let us kiss till all Earth is plane and flat reason gone,
Then, spread across me a lieu of endless daffodils
Which lead us to the steep drop into a musky mire,
So I can’t tame a wild boar
Pumping through your restless heart—
At the bottom turn that messy mud
into a purple and red rushing blood,
And give up on seeing me
as a pith of another soul
bounded with the dowdy promise circled with a golden ring;
Reach for the lilies bloom in the valley bond with the moon 190px-Sword-billed_Hummingbird_(Ensifera_ensifera)
So we can sing in dis-accord with a nightly pricking string
That catches the passion-flower’s sword on a tip of eternal thought
And slashes so easily one’s breathe that bleeds in a clear cut through your throat.

Inspiration: Lord Alfred Tennyson, “Maud,”

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