Upside down stagnate day–
pitched at times
with hypertension of mosquito buzz,
stretched dark-green,
painted in motionless leaves flat
not turning into rain catcher cups;
Morning warbled
between foxy thoughts on a run
keeping up with
the distant car brake squeaks
on a far country road,
tricking city drivers
with a sharp, unexpected curve.
The Fall of ManNoon hushed birds
hiding on long brush vines,
then afternoon silence turned weary
with a nervous wait
and hunger for a storm
to ravage gray surface
and rough the dull lake mirror,
but the rumble died
and the first crushing wave
never came,
Adam and Eve Detail Duerernever messed grisaille reflection.
Stalled, sweaty clouds couldn’t break
a nervous wait
into a passing breeze.
Silent frogs with occasional jumps
appeared as dusk goosebumps
on an eery swamp monochrome;
heavy weight early night breath
mimed backwaters all day

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