I.  Frozen Sound
Destiny,williamwaterhouse404792_10150511157952051_362341939_nSudden body shiver defied cold wind blast;
tight streets hurled
 raced out low, soggy clouds and poem drafts.
Above brightened liminal oozed sky
crowded with city noise in panorama’s messy corner edge,
Where a sunray cut open all troubled thoughts of you…
…Riming Cathedral Gothic towers tween peaks
with black birds fleeting on the wings of white bells
Please, help me out” I froze a moment in a loud pain,
bled artery of desire pined
with silhouettes of golden angles
and their high pitch seven trumpets
refracted in passerby’s sunglasses;
and in all of that
inside I heard rewound crushed words of love
Slamming into the sound wall of the end gait decree.

II. Red Sky Spongy Eyes
Red sunset blinded spongy eyes;
light pierced me with the empty question,
I fell falling straight into the arms of our late Fall[en] night;
Darkness roved all head-bug clues from last night in my mind
That led me absent with cold sweat to the collapsing TIPS
Redimages (2)Chewed by a stray, anonymous, hacker snitch dog
And thrown to me off the fetched online history bone
In a form of incriminated streamed video-clips
Of you with reckless meaty savor
And lost face
but I could always jailbreak through body shades
and cover-up secrets,
run face-recognition shot from behind
and lend 3D lens in the middle of your missing smile.
I know so much about you ….
makes me nervous
Should I re-play
what you buried in urns of your unrested sleep-talk?
Sorry, I don’t know better but to pry
Breathe behind your pictures, emails, chats,
Follow thread of your mind
Be a skilled spy
crawl behind your memories,
tap into your thoughts like a ghastly shadow,
and plant twitchy voice in your head.

II. Talk to Me and Tell Me
Racing up the stairway spiral to be there on time
To see him meeting with you in the Half Past Eight tea shop;
St.George40734940Go, Destiny, bypass me with a smile
Wrap me in a dissolute hope
Whisper that my time will come to sit in his chair
and catch a butterfly resting in the poppy flower
inviting the bloom of your daydream eyes.
Tell me that your shy smile gaze will swarm for me
from a vapor of your steaming tea-cup
with aroma of Earl Gray scene;
I see caresses in your diving love eyes,
They hurt with a steadiness of passing times
And I still say: “fly me winged high
So there is no line between wish to live or die.”
Oh, you rose my heart pulse,
you bite; straight in the middle of flaking flash
Cutting a sweet macaroon coconut cookie,
divided circle and half splashed in your melting mouth with soft crumbles
over the shores of Half Past Eight fake china.
I sit still in my chair
Forced to hear the bells from St. Mark’s church
and they spread a cold breeze in the downtown alley.
For a few years now, I walked like a dead man,
Crunching with tough shoes Fall chestnut leaves
Knowing you hid an unbearable baggage
in avoidance of my loaded silent judgment–
“so, she was already married once?”;
Talk to me
And read the following lines:
How deep it hurts
When you hear far sailing bells
Across the bay
Where all sworn freedom saints
Shower in the island churches echoes of chanted spells?
Talk to me
And tell me:
“Can you love as you’ve loved once?”
And don’t pretend
As though we have no past,
Because we hang over the invisible fence
Of a marked land, clustered in pouring words of love;
Believe me we do not need to sense
Drowning dawns
But cross the forbidden line
That awaits for us.



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