1391862_1434212430131973_766538921_nHave you been
the one
who cracked the last night
a golden gate of a dawn
with random flashes
and lit a storm of memories
blossoming in sweaty
unrest a flower
in the middle
of my mind spiced with a sweet smell
turning dark into a daydream nectar?
Feed me
with breaded hopes
fatty like deep fried catfish;
seep salt and tears
and add into a calculation an overslept hour
with never heard beep of a digital alarm…..
1959341_814784301911629_5095610564332104226_nGive me a stare back with no clue
to meet the morning
where I catch a rusted image of my life
in the mirror
sighing with a hidden resentment
where words are stuck on a millenarian generation
intimidating feelings….
You knew…
and, I am far beyond  reach any more,
So, back off, and hunt
the streets you streamed wild
and let me be
Northern MI pebblesthe wind and the memory
sweeping over your thoughts
with wild horizon matted
into the ends of your overgrown despair
and a phone-call becoming a too long monologue.


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