Darwinain Type of Reincarnation downloadMy burden will weigh on you my child–
Film flashed review scenes jam-packed rife
of my transfigured, senseless past life.
In my death is your birth, a future mark
You will hear a voice echoing in the dark
that fills with fear empty mind’s bark;
And you will touch my endless spring
Getting ready to dance and sing
Albrecht Durer St. JeromeIn a hallucinating swarm of bursting words
Where you will dream masquerade songs
bloomed in a morning melody of canary birds;
Then, you will kneel to the bottom of drowning desire
you will burn high in flames of flaring pyre
and I will be your host,
the phantom that you adapt to the most
you will mirror me, the double
that gets you in every, single trouble,
you will read me like an open book
until our rhymes bleed hanging faint on a doorway fishhook.

Tod Murphy: The Darwinian Reincarnation Lecture

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