Wish I can change[it]; brush aside
weakness growing
out of the inner tree of kindness
and rage in screams as far as it goes
to the highest amp pitch of tragic opera note,
but prudence and patience halt the hubris
shackled carcass eaten by maggots
of too wary thoughts
multiplying weariness from one to another day
with the exponent of unrest.
Why I still feel pain,
but smile?
Can I let all go?
Should I stump with feet heavy
and squash, crunch decisions made
coded with sugared icing lies
and habits of smiley faces brainwashed and dyed
with bright colors
on the top of mythic cup-cakes tales?
Why have I drove by the burst of tears,
and walked again straight into
the mask of sealed emotions?
How could I ever stop running free?
One who’s caught
in love’s dark and cold heart
circles the squares
which final equation
is lost in perpetual reflection prisms;
this is the one who never comes back
or survives the endless pain.

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