images (15)Dare {I –am+[(k)no(w – y)ou]}?
You! √☺ who is dissing me, ask nonsense questions, and share garbage
thoughts as ≤ Me;
I always cross over caused disruptions in the sequels
With the exponent n [bn ] that never goes away in your mind,
images (12)but I am your equal
still I stay i2 = −1
or better to say √-1
integralWith integral overflow

images (13)Sorry, I can’t answer for you why this paradox of an “undefined behavior”
corrupts the language
Turing it into an endless test game,
which kills the end–a poem’s meaning–
splits lovers mirror,
so they don’t any longer touch
duckhunt-100rhyming schemes
nor hear their whispering glitched dreams;
but they stare at the kill-screen sky
and glimpses of random fleeting shooting stars;
you don’t know me any more
³√-27 = -3 ?
-3 • -3 = 9
9 • -3 = -27
Except when I touch the middle of Achilles’s half -life
Running like a crab against tortoise
In a heap curve of the exponential decay,
As always, learn the lesson and take me as a paradox;
For I’ve made sure you don’t get me.

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