You wear one blue color equation lyrics suit
Plaited with words that everybody wants to feel
Spliced in a song that cuts the rhetoric throat
And walks away with blue suede shoes;
I am ready to launch rock n’ roll rockets for the next show
–Sing the song with the whole crew–
but I see you’re taking off;
crossing with the boarding pass to that midnight flight
–stubbornly walking away from the recurring scene–
and running like crazy an extra long mile.
“They’ve got catfish
on the table.
They’ve got
Gospel in the air.”

Love, don’t you see?
stretched poem line stars go too far;
“I was walking with my feet ten feet off a Beale”
they softly huddle all thoughts worry around you,
and while I hear whispers n’ groans in the song background
I ask myself:
Who are you tonight?

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