There is a sky, beyond our sky, where limitless and infinite dreams exist. Stars create universes, within this univTreesStarserse, that nourish these dreams, give them a reality, and help them grow to fulfill their rightful destines. This world is called Empyria–named after the mother of the stars–Stellarum Empyria. Not only does she mother these precious celestial auroras, Stella winnows and places all of her children with a dream that corresponds to the color of their inner light. She had one child–one of her oldest children–that waited eons for her mother to place her with a dream. She yearned the most out of all of her siblings for her destiny to come. Anima knew that it takes time for the right dream to unveil. She watched all of her younger brothers and sister get plucked from the Tree of Cosmos, every minute of every eon which made her more and more excited and impatient for her time to finally come.

There was a dream out there for Anima; an enigmatic realm that was home of the Blue Rose. This particular dream had a star already taking care of him. He created a dominion perfect for the Blue Rose to thrive and be free in expressing his spirit. Something was gravely wrong though. The star was withering and death creeping closer to him. Anima’s time was to arrive very soon.

Stella informed her daughter of what was to come. “The star before you has become weak, my daughter, his fate has changed and his time is nearing.” She told Anima.

“Because of this, balance will become unstable in the Blue Rose’s dimension, and chaos will choke his stem and roots.” Anima listened intently. “You must go and heal this realm before it is too late. The Blue Rose is very important to Empyria; his spirit is not like that of any other dream. This is your destiny my child.”

The withering star sMOTHER-OF-STARS_LGoon died and the was in a constant state of vulnerability and captivity within his own environment. He was always strong enough to overcome the negative energy and tribulations, but not without the price of his inner essence being slowly consumed. What once was surreal had become a nightmare for this rare being. Stella brought her daughter to his realm.

“The Blue Rose needs you Anima.” Stella gently whispered to her so she could fully understand how important her fate was.

“Your spirit is needed to heal and complete his, and his needed to do the same for yours. I leave you now to your heart and soul, for they know what to do and will guide you through your fate that determines the course of both of your lives.”

Stella left and Anima sat down next to the azure blossom. Her first task was to become more familiar with her destined dream. The prime aspect of this realm, that she noticed, was how cold and dark it was. The only warmth was her light and his will. Anima paid very close attention to the magnificent flower. She perceived how beautiful and fragile he was; yet he emanated indestructible passion and strength. Yes, he truly was the most elegant and unique dream of them all. She understood his importance to Empyria. Anima witnessed how the Blue Rose reacts in his changed world. He was1 deadly when any aspect of his kingdom and being was threatened. He possessed a conscience, sub-conscious (she was able to experience the dreams of the dream), and beliefs stronger than diamond on diamond. The Blue Rose never succumbed to the chaos that nipped at his roots. He did not deserve to exist in a life this dark, cold, and riotous; more than a cave with unstable tunnels. It was so dark and so frigid that he could not see or feel Anima’s light. She had to find a way to reach out to him and balance this once perfect universe.
Stella was right when she told her daughter that she and the Blue Rose needed each other. Ultimately both would help fulfill their cosmic destiny and complete a timeless circuitry between their spirits. This fate that Anima was given would be crucial for both of their lives for many times to come.

She noticed every vivid and undefined detail about the Blue Rose: the positive, the negative, his expression, his aura, and outward appearance. She grew to love, respect, and appreciate every aspect of his countenance even though he could not see her. Anima became very connected to the dream to a point where she could feel everything the Blue Rose was feeling–see everything he could see–think everything he could think. She understood the pain and the restraints this realm had on him. Every hardship he overcame, Anima could feel his energy being taken from him. Each passing moment, her love for him developed deeper, amplified beyond the celestial garden, and grew stronger. Animas love made her light shine brighter and warmer.

What felt like eternity on Empyria was more or less really eternity. This was how long the Blue Rose suffered and how long he was caged. This is how long Anima’s love and light grew for her dream. She stayed by his side through all the pain and there were times when he actually sensed her presence, but he still could not see her. Anima longed to reach out to him. Her warmth was the only energy that could help him until he could see her.

And then, the Blue Rose hit a poiblue-rose-floral-printnt where he could no longer take the distress. His stem, that held him up and kept him going through all of the misery, snapped like it had been weaker than dead wood. Anima called out to him–her light brighter than any star out there. She picked up her dream and her tears–filled with warmth and aurora–ran down the petals of the Blue Rose to the break of the stem. A bright light kindled between the stem and the pedicel. Anima arose from her melancholy when she noticed the bright illumination in her arms. Her tears that held her spirit–her love, her emotion–healed and made stronger, the stem of the Blue Rose.

He could see her spirit; feel her glow, and understand the love she had for him. Anima understood a life that she had never lived before and could bring balance to the realm of the Blue Rose. A new purpose was forged between the two souls and a bond created that could never be broken by any negative energy, chaos, and even primordial time itself.

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