A selection of work from the Young Environmental Photographer of the year 2013  Eleanor Leonne Bennett.

head2This work comes from Eleanor at ages 12 and 13 when she was first practising her work in hopeful anticipation of someday winning awards of this caliber. Eleanor first started to win awards for art in national competitions at the tender age of 11. She has always been very passionate where the environment is concerned, having grown with an upbringing in the countryside.

Unlike many award winning photographers one thing that has never changed is her constant use of affordable equipment. She owns a Nikon DSLR from a competition she won with National Geographic at age 14 but for over 90% of her work she uses equipment that is under $199. Her work shows how much of a fan she is of the Lumix Panasonic superzoom range. A very reasonably priced range of cameras requiring no additional lenses though capable of macro to far away landscape shots.

“I used to become frustrated when not able to take the smallest of small images in regards to nature photography but after seeing others having already pushed these barriers and having spent $1000s upon $1000s I decided to just be myself and capture the world in my own way. I am a visual artist foremost with photography being the medium in which I most concentrate on”

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