Master flea 2 090_floh_3Tonight I aborted all bridges
For the future sake
And it’s about time
To give a blow
to all rivers that still flow
between ice sheets
and awaking flea jumps;
Masterflea090_floh_1I do not ride horses
I do not eat mussels
I do not drink white wine
I do not have a “run” time
I am a free, smart load
I don’t control, but I have my mode
I do not run behind the carriage
I do not need a marriage
Master Flea 4 090_floh_7And if there is, in all of this, any verse perversion
This is just a coinage of your mind’s aversion.
If you want to know any more
Please, open the door
That leads to the yellow missing road rod,
The very twilight zone
On which I chew and chew the thrown bone.

All credit to the visuals:  and “Master Flea”: and Stefan Mart.

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