Catch my thoughts
Before they are undressed
And heart is hang
along with a cheep Walmart flowery dress
on the closet’s hanger of a San Francisco big chain
hotel solemn room
sweated in scattered dream vapors
while shook with far cosmopolitan flights night tremors.
SanFranciscoGoldenGatemages (2)Walk me on the final edge of a lungomare polarity waves,
Sliding to the shore black and white, white and black fizzed way
Giving in to the bait and switch ocean a sewage muddy bay

Await for the full perigee moon bloom with me
and pretend that the empty sea circle
is cornered with the


endless walking distance boundary squares
where I meet you
and, then, we stay as an obvious mistake
Till the last daybreak.

Fly me from the Golden Gate to the Chicago Skyline
And drop pressure so low
To loop high pitch pop in ears
compensated with the dark chocolate
turning trip into the final mystic touch-down
landing hopes to the rainbow florescent moving ground.

Skyway2Drive me over the Skyway
And when there is no one on the road
pass me
in a moment I hit the unexpected turn
into the Northern wild woods
where I burn smoking words
beneath deep green fiddle head furn.

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