Friday Night Vignette

Christopher Leet, Painting, "Descartes' Sissors"Ok, tonight I finally gave-in to my ten year old son’s “beg and push” tactic and agreed to spend Friday night with him at the Skatedaze. It was fun to meet so many parents and children, and I enjoyed a lovely conversation with the father of my son’s friend, paralyzed and bounded to the wheel chair due to his injury in the Iraq war, who also happened to serve a few terms as the USA Army officer in Bosnia and Kosovo crises.

We expanded on the former Yugoslavia war topics and related our experiences and knowledge about the tragic happenings in that war, even though the dazzling-skate–drumming music often pupped our ear-drums in blank passing seconds each waiting to repeat the same words over and over. We could probably communicate better using our cell-phones and text, although sitting face to face. When the arena light-show with loud hits hijacked our conversation, I dared to skate and my optimism lasted for ten minutes collapsing in shin’s calf pain. At one point I thought “I spun enough trying to keep my eyes on Archie,” and decided to check upcoming messages, just to make sure that all is fine with all my online classes for this quarter that started today at the local college. A teacher’s job is never done…. In the mail-box I found one message from my former student. This message shined in a prism of all flickering Skatedaze circles……

It reads as follows by Chris Leet:

Christopher Leet, Painting, "Descartes' Sissors"“I thought you would like this…it is inspired by your class…it was excepted into a juried show at UNO…where I am attending now…it won an award and scholarship!!!!….It was selected out of 148 works of art…anyway…just wanted to share with you..hope all is well with you…”

I cheered the win with my son’s friends touching gently the foam glasses after we poured the diet Coke….. I am sure that many community college, or any other, teachers often had the same experiences from time to time, but now I felt it came my time to share the same with all.

A new “Descartes’s Scissors II” in the “egoheads” series by Christopher Leet. This painting wins the scholarship at the local university and  the painting is “auctioned”!

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Chistopher Leet’s poems on our blog, enjoy!

Don’t Look Back

by Kay Ryan, the community college teacher and the poet laureate!

This is not
a problem
for the neckless.
Fish cannot
swivel their heads
to check
on their fry;
no one expects
this. They are
torpedoes of
compact capsules
that rely
on the odds
for survival,
unfollowed by
the exact and modest
number of goslings
the S-necked
goose is—
who if she
looks back
acknowledges losses
and if she does not
also loses.


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