Below brittle freezing:IMG_20150305_204026

—third leg-stick slippery ice startles away
instant, pure unknowing ecstasy
arc roll peaks
G-force pulls the reel, spinning downward
icicle spike drives heavily at the earth

Ravens ratchet echo call to each other afar in green pine tree winter, alive,
snort of frigid clean forest air, nostrils collapse freeze the instant
pain from last fall clenches bruised muscle in memory mind sciatica
Blue Jays spit colic from atop the earth tree pulse resonance, knowing
they blow away in the temporal sharp quick, clearing life wind
water bloated Aspen limbs freeze snap/crack in the leafless time

snow drift hits the old belly first in premised greeting
face plunges into unique water crystal dust
arms, akimbo, flap the frozen catch-all white
former events flutter like laying snow flakes

breath expels one more time
hoarfrost beards gray whiskers,
–push up from the ground, again;
to knees, stick to hand, to stutter step stand
in silence alone;

Persephone’s wet, soft spring hope looms,
righting the rolling living wheel
Penelope come breathe into my
cold lungs your air of patiently
woven warmth
we can show our Telemachus how to string
the weighty bow of life with love.

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