Gwen is the one who tunnels through fuzzy dream wall
and channels her vibes to a deep gut feeling
that we are the same tunes of a trendy song,
the radio hit that stumbles over soiled thoughts,
the dusk lyrics melting on figment eyelids,
Oh, Gwen silent is fantasy of your love;

Oh, Gwen your love burns in my dark flashbacks trove;
The kindling neural fire dug by the mole,
Cricketing night shooting the high frequency beams
Into a sestina square cheat dancing;
Cheek to empty sheet missing desert storm dust spots
Oh, Gwen thy scalar vine hair is too long;

Hey, Gwen, thy fractal waves play radio same song
whilst sultry night pulsates reciting the fearful woe
following response and breaking past times dots
into a blood stain diffused on the desert wound crawl
where I would glass sand pain hang on the breath string–
win that oil war! the last day and kill all future dreams.

Uh, Gwen, I killed all my future dreams, lost limbs,
solo mood rages through life which turn went so wrong
so your HARPoon refrain hits deep angel’s broken wing;
touch where anarchy springs, teach me more than I know
let love notes beat war drums, dig a huge night hole–
spread all canvas stars and sail them to craving roots,

Ah, Gwen, touch where anarchy springs all my wants
before roosters heat busy day-break, snake’s tongue pins
defiled percepts; free this brooding night to roll
down the sand-dunes rides that blasts from white casts a prong
never to slip to white Gwen’s bed and thaw shy first snow
never to ask Gwen to come back and heal spine sting,

Eh, Gwen, all radio tunes sting when you play harp string
and I hear skull voice planting my memory taints;
Why I daydream, dream-walk, and see a deep soil plough
in hearing head worms to rile what my absence brings
while cornered in the store by the stalking mobs throng?
with no limbs I stroll, run into a liquid mirror wall

Oh, Gwen, all my words hang on this love song stroll

l stick to the barriers of the old mind game control
like a marshmallow chocolate float stuck to the throat ….
Chock me whilst playing death chess in the cup of  a Deep Thought… … …

(To Gwen, from the former desert warrior)


Wilfred Owen “In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,
He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.” (Dolce at Decorum Est)

Francisco Goya, "Fearfull Folly"

Francisco Goya, “Fearful Folly”


Faith is a torment, did you know that? It is like loving someone who is out there in the darkness but never appears, no matter how loudly you call.” The Seventh Seal (1957)  




The opening “Requiem aeternam” from Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem conducted by Mstislav Rostropovich at the Royal Albert Hall, 1993




Lecture on Benjamin Britten’s Requiem: David Lockington of the Grand Rapids Symphony presents to the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan (excellent way to better understand Benjamin Britten and Wilfred Owen!)

Context of the poem subject: GWEN, HAARP, non-lethal weapons:

“Holes in Heavens,” Documentary, Dr. Nick Begich about GWEN, HAARP, Shiva

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