Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer

Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer

Brave acts make a difference,
love heals,
compassion annihilates suffering,

sincerity leads to all hearts,
and benevolence crosses all borders. (RR)

Freedom is the highest human expression of existence. It is a profound sense of autonomy, a feeling that we are the masters of our future paths. In the Western culture, art is the highest expression of inner freedom. It a similar experience as breaking the ego shell in Buddhism, or getting in touch with the world of spirits relevant for Shamanism. Freedom is not what is outside of us, but within, and it is the finest expression of life that manifests who we are. Any mastery, knowledge, true activism, sincere endeavors, compassion constitute the art of being human. Let’s create new freedom realities!

Update: April 19, 2012

Thanks to my Yoga teacher, Larisa, who sends me often emails that make my day brighter, I have just discovered the movie which represents the new worldview of awaking in all aspects of our complex life and realities that this blog very much stands for and longs for a peaceful transition and change.

THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take? (Energy, New Science, Shift)


Philosophy, Literature (Poetry), Arts, and Religions–all reason, envision, Christopher  Leet, "Bird Nest Meditation 1"create, or dream realities around us.

I invite you to read, research, and share prospects guided by intriguing topics, but also to express your creativity sparks!

This blog is an addition to the new growing mind awareness: expressing ourselves, discussing topics with an attempt to bring some interdisciplinary and alternative approaches to expand the knowledge and our consciousness. This includes the “new science” that moved from the traditional mechanistic picture of the world to the interdependent world of energies.

Meanwhile, the art, unexpectedly happens all the time…..

Christopher Leet, Painting, "Descartes' Sissors"


Christopher Leet, "Finding a Voice" Exhibition, "Rebirtha"

(More about Chris Leet and his life path, see the essay “Pantry Library,” and read Chris’ poetry.)





Here are the websites that resonate similar ideas to this blog focus and orientation:

Supression and Undervaluing Arts, Thrivemovement:

Ancient Cultures/ Code, Pattern, Thrivemovement:

The Fundamental Pattern, Thrivemovement:

Alex Grey, Art, Community


Symbolic Forms, Alchemy, Shamanism–suggested resource website:


Fritjof Capra:


Dr. Nick Begich, web-site, lectures

Mind Control and Mind Enhancement

Dr. Nick Begich, Lecture on Mind Control, HAARP, and modern advanced technologies. Many poems and articles are inspired with his critical analysis of modern advanced technologies.


Being trained in profession I am, one of my greatest inspirations of all historical times is–Socrates! The ancient philosopher who was able to challenge the social and political corruptions shaking the grounds of the Athenian society, pointing to the problems of the first democracy, the little city-state, which influenced a future path of Western Civilization.

“Little Socrates” sits in each of us i.e. we have a critical disposition to observe, analyze, and interpret reality around us.

I see nowadays Socrates in ………………..

Martin Luther King Jr.

And the contemporary Socrates of our times: Cornel West!

The Socratic Method, here it is:

Where the West meets the East:



And finally, the great inspiration for the new Civil Action Movement that focuses on environmentalism and peace, Pete Seeger:

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