The most important lesson I’ve learned in the last two years while attending yoga classes, as Jeff, the present yoga teacher would say just when I am ready to give up on holding the body locked in a pose: “Remember, the mind gives up first, then the body gives in next.” This is really true.

chairimagesBefore a year ago I practiced a slower and less intensive yoga class with Larisa. I refused for a long time to try a pose which seemed too acrobatic for my age. Turning your body upside-down and holding your legs up in the air, while the arms are fixed in the holding chair seemed to me a crazy thing to even try. Fear held me back until I broke my contentious will and accepted Larisa’s encouragement. Once when I found myself in this thought-to-be unattainable pose I couldn’t believe I could do it. The effects of this up-side down pose always energized my body and afterwards I would feel equilibrium and calmness in my entire being. Through this process I learned that I could do much more than what I had formally perceived as my limitations. I guess we always fight the falseness of our delusions, as the Buddhist path of wisdom teaches.


Jeff_largeWhen I began practicing a more advanced yoga class with a new “guru,” Jeff, he would say, “Yoga meets you where you are at.” Again, he was right. Everybody achieves the middle ground in practicing yoga, and only this middle works. Pushing too much is counter-effective, competition results in an abuse of the body and the ultimate goal is lost. So, what is the ultimate goal of the yoga practice? First of all, yoga is not only a stretching practice, or bending, but a profound meditation that tunes the mind’s awareness to the body. With me being at the point of over golden forty five, a fitness gym body work-out beats the muscles and drifts away with the sense of sensibility. Yoga is meditation, and with the rise of self-awareness everything changes; one finds him/herself cosmically at the self. Glad to share on the blog recent lecture by Jeff Beaudoin, Ph.D., Omaha Power Yoga.



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