Chess Playing Set, images (1)Dedicated to GenX

A touch of a magic wand turned the ancestor’s song “Wonderful World”
Driven by passions on a sweaty back seat of the Fiat or Pony car,
Soon to be attended and pursued with whirled,
unconsciously never spoken, but sighed worries of close family thoughts
wrapped into the black and white screen of cathedral morality,
But no one could stop speeding heated engine
with unleashed powers of an exponential new hippy evolution–

Weed and LSD trips with no resolution,
Which reversed into the baby-boomers’ euphemism
Followed by the total failure of the student, hippie, and global Beatles’ revolution
stolen and split in hairs of political roosters, snakes, and pigs of the cold war
where, somehow,
forced, to pour your fear in a glass of cheap,
but, still, genuine, red wine,
each time
when someone unknown knocks at your door
and says “Why are you, on Friday night, so alone?”
From the systematic day to day failure to the best New Year—
I still leave footprints with you, my generation, in the deeper than breathe snow,
and I know,Matrix, System Failureimages (2)
we can put the show,
but what for?
So, I always spill a few of my verses and throw
The question arrow
Along with the painted Berlin Wall and former Yugoslavia bits jilted with the raven craw:
“Never More”

Oh, the generation full of yoga-breathes and New York Exchange Market speed swaps driven by the hot boys flashes
Private in thought and sips, but as well transcribed into the merged systems
Of the most recorded corporal sentence;  ‘too early to die, too late to fly”
“Quoting myself,” We the Jumping beans “purple” generation,
hatched to try
finding the tree of magic realism
while blindfolded moving through the field of cactus
exhausted of desert wars and thirst for illumination.
Matrix Movie images (2)Lost in a larva cushion between forgotten Castro’s Cuban cigars
“Che” Guevara’s counter-culture,
JFK. MLK, Malcolm X, etc. murders,
sincere laughter of the Dalai Lama,
and Manchurian seeing the conspiracy swift media ripple
along with the TV metamorphoses–
From the real time into the lapse-time motion
Seeking for more bits,
While social-media feeds us with endless “trick or treats.”

Melencolia I by Albrecht DürerOh, I wish, I could join some far-off retreat
Or retired on being imperil to what I’ve seen so far;
Pay everyone and as fast I can as the overpriced car,
And let go off relationship grown in the superfluous haste;
forget worries about new generation
being used as the byproduct and waste
for the headless “all for money” system
shift thoughts into a torus energy
and dance with the dragon not sensing lost fragility….
Oh woman!
No cry?

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