Alfred Krush (a.k.a. Kim Rush) "I will Eat Crocodile"; book cover: Jeremiah Neal (oil painting)“I Will Eat a Crocodile” by Alfred Krush (a.k.a. Kim A. Rush)

Join the third-coast’s new P.I.  on an unexpected love, murder, and heart break adventure. Humphrey Straight gets a P.I. license on a bet and it throws him into desperate trouble, love, and the self-realization of being only one in twelve billion people who have lived on this earth.

Ride with him on a cherry 69 Bonneville Triumph through the next to be classic version of the not so hard-boiled detective. Meet the beautiful Croatian woman, Mirrela, and follow the clues to see if you can figure out the mystery. Enjoy the lovely Lake Michigan and swim in the excellent prose style of this author. Touch the face of deftly used literary allusions and relive those quality books from the English Literature canon.

You will laugh, cringe, and cry—maybe even weep– while caught up in this great quest. It’s a story with Universal Human Value which will cause every reader to share, understand, and feel the plot that won’t let anyone put this human story away.

A Reader’s Comment:

“Everybody go download this great novel written by my former creative writing teacher. I can tell you that the story is more than just a gumshoe tale. It is also philosophical, poetic, and draws from a life heartily lived before he became a college teacher. Worry not! It ain’t dry! More like riding with the ex-biker that he is.”

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