Krab Cake

At night when I stay up late
mostly on the warmer nights
I can hear the screaming
from my bedroom window.

The floor planted feet
taught strait from slouching
table unburdened by elbows
lap laid with a napkin
mango moon brilliant with silverware
laced silk cloth for a table.

Long walks over open skies
yellow sunlight illuminating rays
orchestrating squeaky sand under each step
waves that roar with sea-lions.

Stainless pot boiling with water
smell so sweet air
perfume you become
salty aroma of cooking
gentle wind conducting delicious memories
navy abyss I come for you.

Still you wait for me
hiding from the noon sun
drowned I must be
shell so hard protecting you.

Overwhelmed with a hunger
fish guts head and all
I bait your gluttony
my pot trapping you inside
escape there is no more
as a treasure I pull you aside.

Then return from the blue oblivion
steaming salt of the sea water waiting
calling your bubbly name
under go change I promise you.

Indigo blue to a scarlet red
now you lay free from all movement itself
cleaned from all dirty impurities you tempt me
one hand nutcracker held tight
riendly slender fork awaiting the other
feast you are; consumed I will.

In the serenity of silence
I watched the birth of Death.


Thanks Jason. This poem has created with a different visual setting (graphic represenation), and we’ll solve soon this problem.

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