Cold steel touching my warm skin;

                         I said it was cold ass steel bitter and numbing,

                    stealing my only reason,

               and bleeding those feeling,

          leaving me too cold,

     to a warm touch.

Cold ass steel penetrating my warm skin;

                         I said it was torn open,

                    wiped clean to all harmful infection,

                executed to be forgotten,

          swollen hues of blackened blue,

     my burning pain flowing from you.

Cold ass steel carving my warm skin;

                         I said it was punctured,

                    blood splattered spots of firery red,

               captured only to be violated,

          shaved and opened to a bloody crime sceane,

     you only take from me.

Cold ass steel scoring my warm skin;

                         I said it was battered in bruises,

                    nurtured by your doubt,

               strayed from the righteous man’s route,

          my soul has been kidnapped,

     from the inside out.

Cold ass steel ripping my warm skin;

                         I said it was every damn night,

                    you entered with that smile,

               just to leave me naked,

          but you keep feeding from me,

     I beg you to leave me be.

Cold ass steel killing my warm skin;

                         I said it was fucked up,

                    lost to the night’s sleep,

               empty and weak you keep,

          this suffering I want no more,

     then you leave and shut the only door.

But you return.

Jason M Retikis
09/11/11, published draft on 10/22/12


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