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Even “nothing” has its solid status and academic merit
whether it’s the semantic grip for linguists
as the logical contradiction of an empty notion
or denounced hypothesis of physicists
who crack the zero point of a new motion
followed by the funnel contraction of the vacuum turning reverse
spacetime into a soul fractal flow of the torus with the currents adverse
while touching the observable system failure syndrome to inherit
“Everything as nothing”—
The banner of our times.
Now, this is nothing,
but less of the same that is not
and somewhat is–
not even the paradox,
not yet a question,
unpredictable in any pattern or action,
the one that escapes all observations
the same that cannot find right citations,
the return point where math cranks
only the approximate to infinity calculations,
with the imaginary number extending the empty space distance
and bending Φ ratio over the blank sheets

World Mysteries Blog

World Mysteries Blog

into a golden triangle cosmic projection
of the Earth twin
which runs through the “less than nothing”
of divine comedy where my life resides,
and makes meaningful the last stance of a poem sketch:
In the castle betting
on growing faster heirloom red spinach seeds or grays;

streaming pathless ways,EarthMoonPhi
leading nowhere
and being at the same time everywhere;
the gold bullion in the middle of  The Fearful Sphere of Pascal
with a bleeding heart.

Jorge Luis Borges ” The Fearful Sphere of Pascal”

Numbers don’t Lie: Ancient Meteorology: 

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