Albino Humming Bird--Never to CatchOh, pale language!

Set in stone commandments
and nations become divided on how to read the ultimate meaning;

Listen and the sheep is lost;

Learn and nothing adds up in hairsplitter details of a conversion
in accuracy of a perfect tax collector’s book;

Turn water into wine
And divorce nature
so anyone becomes too divine to be a human;

Rose Wings: The New Revolution WingsCrucify the only son
And sore heart bleeds without finding revealed truth;

Check the wounds–
Believe, but lose the ultimate bond;

Resurrect and return to never forget
Suffering sighs of the innocent marked by Evil
springing from their overwhelming rejection:

So what is to do to become and be?
Wake up to an image that never goes away–
Follow crisp sounding rushing waters
through the valley of collapsed hopes
that leads you to a rising morning star on the horizon
held in your arms like a new born
Stem back to the Tree of Life.



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