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A New Serendipity AIR Path: Lori Lanig’s Future Murals!

Lorri Lanig, a student from this year’s Philosophy class, won the Silverstone Group competition and her designs (eight sketches, pencil on the printer paper) produced in the Artists in Recovery (AIR) group was chosen in a tight competition.

This story follows a serendipity path. As a teacher, I invited students to attend Artist in Recovery Exhibition and Art Program in 906 Gallery, March 31, 2012. Lorri with a few other students connected with Chris, Shakira, and other visual artists group, and they all joined weekly meetings. In a matter of little bit over a month she won the prestigious contract for her art work. This spring it was fun to attend workshops and Saturday’s night meetings with some of my present and former students. We all created some long lasting connections.

Lorri wanted me to write a short note about her success on this Blog. She told me that she would never have had such a life opportunity without our class connecting with AIR group and UNMC Service Learning Creative workshops. Lorri’s sketches will become paintings for eight stories of murals, one of the biggest artists project in our community.

Chris Leet, Painting, AIR






Aftermath–March 31, “Finding a Voice Annual Exhibition: The Artist in Recovery Program” 906 Gallery; 2012 Exhibition of the Arts

… And what happened on the last Saturday in MarchThe perfect mood early Summer night draped in Music, Poetry, and Exhibition bonded with hope everybody involved in The Artists Recovery Program. Nine poets read their selection works, and I joined the crowd. The core evening thread united all through music–from the American Indian flute player (Michael Milson), Nicki, the song writer and singer, and a few rock-bands, which fired through space the dancing rhythm.

This segues into the upcoming collection of new artists’ poetry (only poets as private persons, not their institutional roles) who would like to publish on this blog soon under the section “Poets’ Blog Circle.”

The Artist Recovery Program” is the attempt to connect artists who are in an addiction treatment program and the larger local community.  Lots of students from local higher educational institutions are involved in Creative writing workshops and some who attend creative writing classes are active in Saturday night meetings where a group of poets in the recovery program and others write, read new poems, and exchange conversation.

The major organizational back-bone of this community program are: University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC),  Service Learning Academy (Ruth Margalit, Director of the Service Learning Academy, Nancy Farris, UNMC College of Nursing), AmeriCorps Vista young activists working for several different educational institutions (Jamie Odden, Project Coordinator), workshop leadership (Rita Paskowitz, Professional Storyteller and artist, Creative Writing Workshop facilitator), Christopher Leet & Shakira Davis–the souls of the project, AmeriCorps, Siena Francis House (Mike Saklar, CEO Project Co-Director). All of these persons have worked hard behind the scenes for the event and program to be realized, thanks guys! Also, special thanks to 906 Gellery owners, what a space, a great place for such an interactive event! If you visit this blog, read this, the art work auction is still ongoing for a month.

Invitation for March 31, 2012

On behalf of the UNMC Service Learning Academy…
The Sienna/Francis House…
And the Finding A Voice Team –
I would like to cordially invite you to…

Celebrating dignity, wellness & community
Presented by

Saturday, March 31, 2012
6:30 – 9:30 P.M.

Homelessness & Transformation

906 North 16th Street
(Northwest corner of 16th & Cumming Streets)

Your support and contributions are appreciated!
(Minors under the age of 19 must be accompanied by an adult)

This promises to be an amazing evening!
I look forward to seeing you there –

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