Upside-Down Owl nature is a node–the epicenter of the spiral equitation
scaled in ratio sliced golden Phi’s wonder section
full of piloted miracle pictures elaboration,
where every cause envisions the effect without a doubt–
freshly cut artichoke and GodHead on the plate;
The artichoke quilt, at www.lonnirossi.comsort-out truth revealed in the spiral of a bean sprout
followed with the digestion spit from gut
speaking in sonic dolphin blowing rings Reynold-route–
lost in streets of symmetry thoughts dug into the Earth’s crust noble ore
and finally spun inert to the core
with a lemon taste steel owl and iron-cast hunky lore;
only when it rains,

the girl’s arm is twisted sore
and broken in a cry spreading a fearful spore
under the glass-mirrored sky crisscrossed with the chem-trails….


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