It used to be Summer
full of fun
endless in colors
of printed skirts
clothed in night moth wings
and early dawn
freed dreams
nested in hopes
of fluttered butterflies;
I miss that summer rhymes
and symmetry of happiness chimes
caught in nights
that mimic our smiles
pushing us to reach the celestial highs
caught on silver halide crystals
as we are plying major roles of bonded spies
caught in intrigues of new mystery ties
where we catch a breath to dive, and each of us
absent, mindlessly recites
“Tomorrow never dies.”
Now a noon spruce shade weighs
upon heavy moon dew
burning all images in a mirror
of past,
simmering in a deep lake
sweaty love burns breaking in sun heat hives;
we pass borders slowly,
walk out nights from our homes as a refuge
carrying a bag of random memories, bad dreams,
and impossible falls
to reach the end
where hopes die
crossing the pole
in a negative asymmetry of a real distance direction
where She
takes us to the highest mountain
so we can become the ridged valley
embracing the infinite sky.

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