For a long time
I turned away from my altar
and lost that sight;
bed of wild flowers and poppies
red, yellow, and blue colored thoughts messed in your hair,
palm pinned with long crossing poem lines;
a great Gypsy boiling the pressure
and reading your mind;
Once when all washbasin buried thoughts arose revealed in a violet lily star
I couldn’t take it,

slept no more
and stalled
shadowed behind the masked statue,
waited for darshan with fiery eyes
and gazed to the door of absence,
then span the mantra words in my mouth
and recited all–
the incense burnt through my heart
MIrabai4images (2)and you awoke, my sweet love.
The stallion boundless spirit
stumping through the silent current of the valley
while turning all colors
into a placid glacial lake distant reflection
where a sudden thought
stares at the mirrored gray hairs
seriously sticking out growing white.

Mirabai, “Without Krishna I Cannot Sleep,” Devotional Hindu Poetry

Without Krishna I cannot sleep

Krishna shares his flute
with His beloved as Radha

“Without Krishna I cannot sleep.
Tortured by longing, I cannot sleep,
And the fire of love
Drives me to wander hither and thither.
Without the light of the Beloved
My house is dark,
And lamps do not please me.
Without the Beloved my bed is uninviting,
And I pass the nights awake.
When will my Beloved return home?

What shall I do? Where shall I go?
Who can quench my pain?
My body has been bitten
By the snake of “absence,”
And my life is ebbing away
With every beat of the heart.

My Lord when will you come
To meet your Mira?

When, my Lord,
Will you come to laugh and talk with me?”


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