Jim-KnappLate night flooded solemn walk.
Crunchy coded steep steps
wind strings flying red
amidst leafy Fall colored tunes
scaling spiral red nautilus shell stanza;

halting October hangs above dark spot in tasteless pause of silence,
still between blank right whiteouts
words burn those salty tears in RED pyre of meaning
lost in gored holes of red led-pencil horns
while fractal scratches still shoot pain;
vortex rainbow mirror screeches
carved in redness new abrasions
all raised in wiggly red,
head worms touch straight, from the neck to the gut
in thoughts sprawling red headache shore;
I hear rows of red meaty letters sticking between clenching teeth
while one glass of red verse bleeds
red open through spheres of the final cut;
rich-conditlife hangs off the red haired moonlight cords
night slings lost in red wind ropes
dawning amethyst flame ghost–
dark hunch runs to open arms
falling black between red gaps
melting Wednesday in chocolate Indigo Blue Rose taste

William Wu: "Blue Rose," fractal scaling art
Mona Lisa Upside-down/Illusion
This poem is created as a response to the book Wednesday is Indigo Blue: Discovering the Brain of Synesthesia, by R. E. Cytowich and D. M. Eagleman. I thought that the poem is the easiest way to write the book review…..

Is all perception illusive and, as Parmenides claimed at the beginning of intellectual and Philosophical Western tradition, that all perception is an illusion?

[The original poem date is October, 10, 2012! ]


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