every step up multiplies thoughts about you
every step down divides the same in fractions
hitting the split hair goosebumps shiver
of a spineless time distance equation.
Oh, motionless silence that wraps me in a sticky tape
And holds tight my heart
on a long leash of night 
Sniffs that broody nothingness
where caught is a breath,
Between sparse hours
squeezed too deep
to a panic null,
where valley climbs emptiness,
dusts scalable reveries
turning them
from one plus infinity n sheep to blank
 over gazing eyes,
then halts
–sleep-talks in missing rhymes,
touches again the same nocturnal redundancy extreme–
gnawed by a busy beaver
until cabin steps crack their backbone arch
taken by the final, incisors’ chomp;
now when no anchor steps halt cabin any more
let it fly with a sudden wind blow
and open the door
only to an ashen golden light ardor

Poem inspired with the genetic algorithm, “busy beaver”:




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