Puff-up all of your hair wild cat!
I know, you come late at night.
A predator, weighing every move of mine,
with a whisper so close
that in a glimpse alerts forest
neck and neck.
the innocence of endless journey
with wild-cat’s Egyptian eyes
that keep me tight
on a target screen
considering from time to time
the final cut-throat blow,
but you like to run out around
chicken out of me,
until I grow strong jaws.
Puff-up all of your hair wild cat!
You step on my heart and rumble
in rolling storms, puncturing dreams with thunders
and drowning the same in pouring rain;
keep me a hostage of endless desires
until I am caught in too big to play
to miss a final scene,
and see me consumed,
stuffed on the wall as a trophy
of hanged life expectations
buried along with the old high heels elevations
where one’s bare feet we walked in sisters’ souls
into our woods without any worries.
Face me now.
I grew too wild,
“OUT” of any reach…
Puff-up all of your hair wild cat!


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