Pathless Streams of Freedom

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Metaphysical Shards, Poetry, Poetry | Rayka Rush | 3 comments

When everything becomes so wild
and nothing seems to be right
you might be too long on an endless path
trying to find
the right way out of pathless streams
that only freedom knows;
the other side of the lake
suddenly turns to be too far,
the playful waves
taken by Sirens’s song
carry you out off the bay
far, far away
and that’s where you land–
in the middle of a dream,
the perfect sky screen-shot
that suddenly seems like an azure touch down
with no meaning.
You dive even deeper,
but there is no way back;
hard to realize, you can’t pass once crossed river
rushing through the valley
you have known once
and recite the same rhymes
sinking in the mud.
Instead, let go of haste hopes
and chant,
touch the Summer night bosom
where we will blossom
to the surface
and become the open lotus petals
of a new life of love.
Freedom is a beginning
in its tragic end;
no one is there to deny or prove the existence,
no one to glorify,
it’s a prodigy of us
who are
and ought to be,
the ones who stand against the odds
and look straight in the eyes,
of a Gorgon’s reflection glee.
You’re the warrior
who seeds the land of unfulfilled wishes,
I am the armor
who catches
carved in stones
Perseus’s silent sigh
captured with a horror
of a hanging mystery
reflected in every existing mirror
so finely pixeled
that no one can make it out.

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