Let the Serpent root its toil;
Isis--the Rising StarYield inanimate One to kindling fire
Cede murky silence void to the music of light.
Burst all five chamber cavities
So the wind awakes reedless springs,
Square the inner circle in golden rays;
Then follow the flute coil
Fondling granite beams’ spine.

Chant the hymn
Bound by math equations sharp edges
Chipping the monolith top rough,
Give sound power to role flint pebbles
Beneath the temple body–
The sacred altar to the king,
The queen to the Lord
Whilst spin of time burns chalice of tears
In inverse spiral algorithms
Seeding salt to the Earth–
Breathe the glass teary grains
To collide eons in the prism of binary suns.

While arched are fields of divergent orbits
Cold sweat drips
Through the coffin of death masks
Fear pounds dancing on the head dog walls.
Slip out from the vertigo shriek:
Only heart opens the lost stone key
Of the lords of the worlds,
Only aura locks onto the lost twin star pulse;
Tunes the steles scripts of all Time to unify fragment blocks
initiates twister lightening storm over the structure backbone
Where the weary desert sand
Hides the Pyramid ascending square root
And the split moment of the liquid crystal
Hastening mirror glow in color waves.

Touch the divine Rod striking North through
the screaming sky
split the Earth in two halves,
follow the South sphere doorway
leading to, yet, another labyrinth
that holds your fingertips deep
beneath the secret passage,
where the choking beat
convulses in patchy mummified bleeding past.
Run into the flame of a triangle portal–
Claim the last ladder and step on the seventh plane
There, weightless
heart’s feather floats on the wings of an endless night
caught between nine heavens myriads
budding crack of the lotus dawn blue.

Funnel back from the remote ocean fringe
and random bottomless thoughts;
embrace descent currents
light the candle flame of life,
glow in the middle of the crescent moon throne,
there, wax flower of the Sun
hold true love in your palms.

For love is She;
The one who holds the center,
arranges the distance between the stars,
guards the oscillation ring pillars,
dives in accords of humming planets,
creates the blast of the galactic wave,
summons the distant  periphery of meridians
followed by the spreading swirl of a milky way–
Isis Blue Red WingsThe Great Mother, the dot that fits every code.
For  love is here;
Become one with the ever residing stars,
Ripple the maze hollow image of the self–
the split root of the human eye
Sail over the crushing stars
Fall Straight into the twelfth Diadem–
The elixir of true,
Never ending love,
where you are all
and all is one.

“The reed-floats of the sky are set in place for me, that I may cross by means of them to Ra (the rising sun) at the horizon. I ferry across that I may stand on the east side of the sky, when [Ra] is in [his] northern region among the imperishable stars, who stand at their staffs and sit at their east … I will stand among them, for the Moon is my brother, the Morning Star is my offspring…”[Pyramid Texts, Utterance 1000–1].

The End

Anton Winsor Lignell: The Mathematics of the Great Pyramid, 2008 : http://greatpyramidmath.weebly.com/copyright.html

Begich, Nick. Towards a New Alchemy: The Millennium Science. pg. 104-124. “Pyramids and Geometric Energy.” Anchorage, Alaska: Earthpulse Press, 1996.

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