Aliceinwonderlandimages (1){[Alice was a ROoT word scramble of a bit,
An itch on the top of a head,
random oblivious spark ready for the next Red Queen of Heart’s skit;
she lived under the hood of a tall hat
stitched with an invisible Eve’s thread notch
to a two tailed ˅(~ Alice → Bob)]→ event horizon} by the hot soup lake,
drinkmeimages (1)stuck in a white time entropy of a black-hole sequenced reversal  time transfer
and Rabbit Snell’s glass logic cut in strings of a long snake massage.
Alice was a Quantized cat
With a lobster whisk irony,
fast tongue spat,
dichroic meaning,
crystal-clear path,
And she bit on life and death
Night and day, day and night
To the last of her breath,
Rehearsing infinity
singularityhole183951.image0riming with singularity of a big-bang,
She asked, “Have I yet
Jumped into the lake?”
[(Alice → Alice) ˅ ~ Alice;~ Alice=Alice]
But the Rabbit screamed at the edge Mad as March Hare
“Now, hold your jargon cat
knead, purr,
and zone out any judgment!
Come back into the hat!”
But the tea party was thwarted
And bits of life tarts

Quantum_ALice_and_the_Hot_BIt_Soup_All in crumbles, ripped totally apart
Funneled to the bottom of their sour taste
Where no thing was randomly spaced]}
Until a sneeze, cough, snot
Runny nose, fever, and achy lymph knot
Awakes the cat
On shores of Alice’s wordle painted dream
And slits the sunray through the blinds cracked slat.

The End

String Theory Defining a Black Hole

Quantum Cryptography

Popular Science Writing: Black Holes

“But why? It turns out that the black hole’s supper isn’t so easy to catch. It is made up of particles streaming off of the stars that surround the black hole, and as these particles swirl together, they make a hot soup that is difficult for the black hole to slurp. In the end, only about 1 percent ends up in the mouth of the black hole; the other 99 percent splashes out.” Kate Becker

Leonard Susskind The Holographic Universe

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