Cloaked in store’s crowed veil of bane,
from afar aisle beaconed a vision feign;

Saw you standing sideways near cheap shirt sale prices

A haunting double, the ghost, walking through the hypermarket walls

Hazel, tall, and dark-gray, whilst the biggest ocean miles away–

Still you held to be apparent, not real, and yet transparent;

Ingrained in the outcrop store’s famous hologram host

Who greets everybody with the raven call–

“This it and nothing more”

When you touched silk-like clothes,
my breath chocked, palms burnt, and dazed eyes froze

the blue spider beam emitted a binding light thread silicon knitted;
Vacant as a corps in grave, silent,
I followed the register’s wave

And walked by our heart tags with ganglion of grocery begs

until I was caught in the net of upcoming premonitions

Breaking sudden presence in conundrums of revisions

whilst the android cell suddenly switched tunes I adore

then, leaving the scene, raven called  “Nevermore, Nevermore.”

Is it true what I believe;
were you a market arcade phantom I had seen?

Rapt in Zoltar’s crystal ball; awoken with a role card written on the wall –

Felt losing ground and a balance I gave in to total absence
Make a wish so wished,
a free spade floated over my head,
and I was afraid-

For the card was a matching suite color joker–

just a hypnotic image trap, a sham never to defer–
and that ghastly, faux apparition shadowed all the lore
now left is only empty croaking
“Darkness there, and nothing more”

Whilst running hot and sweaty from that haunting store,
Seldar’s raven  awakes one time more
gasping through the crystal ball,
“Nevermore, Nevermore…”


Later, herb tea nightly thoughts shrugged skidding into filmic dreams tapped,
and in all lucid shots, again, you trespassed that fiction wall reign–
we set still sensing loss of times, but just when words melded in rhymes–
I heard growling fierce breaking winds, twisting limbs, cracking window blinds:
Raged storm hurled crushing muttered sacred woe,
Then rain tapping burst whilst ears leaped in raven’s call
Forcing us to blank that night gap “Tis the wind and nothing more.”

Let the squid gale tint dark this tempest—nothing left, but to write free verses:
How foolish to fire mind plots and fill them with blast of sued love knots
Then remotely tear absent eyes, oh, those dreams, what a wraith disguise
Hidden in forged gray shadows, this set-up fields of hollows
These sleazy, crawling head worms make me dizzy and sore
I heard someone thumping on the cabin hoary door,
then raven entered squeaky, greeted me throaty “With such name as `Nevermore.’”

How grating was raven’s doom, full of hunch sulfur voices fume

At the brink of the grim light dawn with voices in my head I borne worn
Crumbling under weight of a new day, piercing into glaring decay,
I turned my mood around banding a new wave radio sound
Sipping coffee, talking to my double host
I, again, noticed that mirror stark laughing ghost
And the raven cracked from pine forest “Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'”

But, again, I heard melody I adore
Hit me straight through the closed chamber door
“And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor”
I stumbled on the raven kraa-aa-a “Shall be lifted – nevermore!”

And I remembered that bleak night of first December…..
“Nameless here for evermore.”

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