Rayka3c200Have you ever wondered why religions remain alive and vibrant? Why they never die? Why they subtly change? What is the origin of the religious consciousness and the system of the religious? What are the metamorphoses of the religious mind? This book offers the new semiotic theory of religion that provides a methodology of how to explain what are the challenges of any theory that ponders the comparative study of religion. The interdisciplinary approach in studying the complex system of all religions is not an easy path. This book offers the theoretical backgrounds, but it needs your input to explain the “unseen” and “spiritual”–your introspection and original interpretation to these questions.

This blog now offers a new venue of interaction on this new theory…. Write your ideas, comments, arguments, intellectual values on this new theory.

To order book: https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/semiosphere-and-the-metamorphoses-of-the-religious/isbn/978-3-639-66761-5



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