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Websites, lectures or programs

Alex Grey

Sacred Geometry

Blomblad i vinden (Bioethics, Mind Control, Neuroscience)

Synthetic Telepathy (Synthetic Telepathy, Mind Reading)

Sacred Geometry 

Earth Pulse

Exploring the mechanics of Conscious Creativity with Dr. Nick Begich., March 8, 2011, Electronic, Psychotronic Mind Control. View Video., November 26, 2011. View Video.

New Illuminati/Enlightenment, Nexus Illuminati Blog.

Spectrum Radio NetworkView Video.


The Resonance Project

Advanced Technology: HAARP, Breakthrough Energy Movement. Dr Nick Begich at the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2012, Holland (Preview) from Breakthrough Energy Movement.

New Science: Plasma Physics and Electric Universe: View Video.

Science, Technology, and the Brain:

D. Eagleman, Big Think–cabling senses: View Video.

Eagleman, AI and the Brain: View Video.


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Laibach, the avant-garde group documentary: View Video. (I became aware of the “Laibach” group around 1985 when leading the independent group for “The Experimental Dance” in Zagreb, Croatia (1985-87). The “Laibach” group became a crucial inspiration  for my art experiences when I was the student at Zagreb University in Comparative Literature and Philosophy (1987-1992, and later throughout 1994-1999), where I fully supported the young and new rising project “The Monazstroj,” but, due to my family obligations  and the political deteriorating/war circumstances I made the decision (1989)  not to participate in the experimental theater project “Montazstroj.” So glad they succeeded!)

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