Chole-Mjini3Find me in azure waters East of Eden
in foreign lands, far and remote;
so you can stand star-naked in feathering breeze
washed on night sandy shores
fooled with reason that you are alone.
Don’t hesitate, light the last cigar,
puff off all thoughts
and skip sleep one more night
MafiaIslandsTreeHousea49faa8552d01e2fb0so you can see me again tomorrow
rising wild in a predator tiger’s eyes
while you tweet fast the twin soul photo
that you don’t recognize.
Before an eye to an eye duel shot takes place
wake me with drumming dreams
and charm flute that spiral cobras
around your giraffous tree house with a long neck
then let me talk to you in spirit tongues;
a very dream presence that you turn to a figment,
and dump it
CholeIslandTreeHouseSafariJOFk1r6b8aao1_500burring it under muddy soil
while leaving islands
but later, on a plane, when safari photos
obsess a long flight
just roll your cell gallery view
and let it be love;
you’ll see me in a lion stare on your screenshot
you’ll hear a haul of a hyena’s echo in distant planes
touching your spine pined to the instincts
of a sultry dusk
Africa Oct 2010 208 compressed_blogsuddenly turning sparkly dark
with billion mounting stars
melting in idle waters
and then stumped with elephant heard thumps,
splashed by passing zebras
chewed with devouring cheetahs
and caught in wide open mouth of crocodiles.


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