Buried and sealed is the enveloped secret under the Myrrha silent tree
where you hide all reverse transcripts of vast loneliness
with spherical faced obsessive triangles
Echoed in your every-day haunted walks
Entangled between white n’ red sunset rays
And the forest evergreen shadows.


Leave the twisted spine of the Secret Tree
and step into a shoreline glade of your astral plane
where the end of the long tale meets
a known path of our memory lines
interlaced with phoenix’ ashen golden ink of verses.

Walk with me between drown waves
For they leave behind all poems of nature scripts
written in fractal sand scales
but with a new tide the song is muddied again,
afterwards only a few hear the same–
the spiral colored melody
turning the old beach into pebbles of love, rainbow grids,
and blooming rose of mellow winds.
Follow me and I’ll teach you how to hunt for the heart of pierced sun on the horizon
Where you will break the closing dark circle
And defeat wild hurl of horns.

After-all, take away that worry over the cloudy risen sky brow
Bringing smell of the upcoming snow storm
That suddenly turns our smiles into long, paused faces
while staring nude before sliced open thoughts:
For we are so close in every stanza and refrain
and so apart, each living in opposite season reign–
you touch the sun and invert all times
I fall back
straight to the pupils of the lake eyes
where I am lost in the mirrored screened icy image
whilst afternoon glimmers sinking too dark….
–the scene is set for overturn–
the advent of a new born light.

Nicolas Poussin, Venus Weeping Over Adonis

Adonis and Smyrna Tree

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