TamiHoffmanimages (1)I am trilled to announce Tami Hoffman’s new blog Soulelevations, so dear to my heart. I am amazed with Tami’s multi-media blogging skills. Short poems elevate and often serve as daily mantras. You can greatly expand your consciousness and wisdom following this blog–highly recommended.

A few years ago I met Tami in a professional setting at the local college, and at that time, I have never dreamed how much we have in common expressing creatively paths of spirituality. My creativity sprouts from a sense of a meditative solitude growing from the roots of tragic or joyous experiences or/and feelings. The creative process is there to overcome darkness and point to the light of an artistic and creative expression, where truth liberates. When I read Tami’s daily short poems, I see the same process unfolding. Enjoy recent Tami’s posts. So excited to share with you.

1-300x187My Mind

My mind serves as a prison
words all crowded in confinement
scattered in thought..chained to fear
unwritten and unspoken
Noisy demons playing too loud
My lips fall silent… hiding behind my smile


SoulElevationsimages (1)

Looking Back

A slice of regret

A crumb so meager..grasping tightly

taste the spit

Overwhelming  stentch crowds her senses…

she watches

He relishes.. a simple savory bite

bitter and rotten

he slithers away


2013 Oct.



SoulElevations1images (1)Dripping, Wet, Sticky and Sweet

Melting drops of Sun

dripping, wet, sticky, and sweet

Then a narrow passageway

Jarring spokes of Sorrow

escaping, dry, dirty, and bitter

Then alone





Feeling alone surrounded by hues of blue
Can you see me
Sinking in an interior where no man dare
untouched fields, smooth waves of blue
I wander without a map…
Awakening in the deception of sleep
My vision dances beneath
Intensely insightful
All the while…
Darkness binds my eyes shut.


Tami, hope you enjoy the choice of the ambiental music! It sticks on the soul…., but also elevates.

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