Stale is a dusk broken in sweat pores
sensing the imminent rolling storm:
Heart bubbles reaching out to hit the Earth-pulse.
Day heat bursts soon to die in a haze of the last cicada screams.
The old, red, high-heel shoes rhythm
challenges sudden silence
with a taunting beat
that echoes run from once known, but shut self
through empty asphalt streets
flashing a thunder
and fear turning
the last gray of the day dark too fast.

imagesCA34PH1ZWind blasts in a threat,
then brushes too many questions aside
while it tangles trees in doubts
bending in sounds
telling me over and over never told story
that blooms in loneliness
and flower of words
growing from the center of some feral love-story
suitable for the periphery
of the lost Legend windhole city.
Night silently sneaks behind suburbs
shadowing a secret buried deep in me,
while I unconsciously hum some old Film song verses
“I do not know when,
and I do not know where,
one day we will be on the same side of the street,
trust me the soul of my soul,
we will meet,
we are not alone in the world of dark secrets. I know …”

It spins late, too late.
The storm touches nerves tense,
but shoulders shrug
pointing to the perpetual question no one can answer.
Sensing modulated moods
of night that moves through mirage of holograms passing over the kaleidoscopic made-up memories;
it’s time to leave and go.
Can anyone run away
from its nature, the very dwelling place?
It pours and hails
from the horizon of cirrus clouds,
followed by the aluminum rain.
I kick off my shoes and run.
Still, the covert identity stays within
while it’s filling the infinite space around
where the center is everywhere
and the periphery nowhere.



We are not alone, Film, Jura Stublić
How many times have you kissed a stranger
And you’ve been like a bird beside a man
Who doesn’t fly to your heights
And doesn’t know the secret hidden inside you

You are in a body full of desires
Surprised by longing lips
But there is no one that is yours
And this country is not a home

In your eye, a precious stone
Or are you saving that tear for me
But I am only a phantom
Who tells you: “Be happy!”

And I don’t know when and I don’t know where
We will cross walking on the same side of the street
Trust me the soul of my soul we will meet
In the world of dark secrets we’re not alone

(Revised translation by Rayka Rush)


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